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Tonight's Grey's & ER Reviews 
15th-Feb-2007 09:18 pm
Spoilers under the cut....

Man was Meredith blue, not quite Smurf but more toilet bowl cleaner blue.

And that little girl with the staring and the silence was creepy.

I was a bit annoyed when the interns just stood by the door. She's your friend and it sucks for her right now but you have jobs, many jobs you should be doing.

I was not impressed with Izzie's head drilling bit nor her attitude when she told Cristina and then there's the George bit. That was the absolute worst time to tell George that you thought he made a mistake. I can't remember what or if George said something to Izzie about Denny but Callie's not a patient so she needs to back off.

Cristina's she's my person bit was cool. I just got the feeling she wanted to say that when she told Meredith that it would make 'real' or 'official' which I could totally understand. That's just how she is, while Cristina may appear indifferent she is attached to those she's loves.

Loved the little Addison/Alex moments we got, totally sweet and then the angsty Derek/Addison through the door bit was heartbreaking really.

-sighs- And there was the Mark/Derek support scene, cute but....it doesn't look like Mark will going anywhere soon.

Here's my take on next week's ep.
Meredith's going to be stuck in fantasy land between life and death and one guy will tell her to fight for life and one will tell her it's okay to to let go. Meredith has to live, I don't think this show is ready to off the main character.

Now on to ER...

Always nice to see Sara Gilbert again, I just love Jane.

That cheerleader hazing stuff was creepy and there's no denying that bullshit actually happens which makes it even more creepy.

'Save the cheerleader, Save the world.' Subtle much?

And Neela's hair looked really nice.

Although I agree with Neela but Dubenko had a point too.

That is all :)
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17th-Feb-2007 04:52 am (UTC)
agreed, 1000%
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